Invention Monetization

There are different ways

Monetizing a patent or a patent portfolio can be accomplished through a number of approaches possibly involving organic and external efforts.


There are different approaches - Monetizing a patent or a patent portfolio can occur through a variety of approaches possibly involving organic and external efforts. Some possible approaches or combination of these approaches include a licensing program, an acquisition program, and a sales program.
A licensing program is one way to monetize a patent or a patent portfolio.  However, a patent portfolio or a licensing program does not have to be constrained to patents or patent portfolios that were organically developed within a company.  A patent portfolio and a licensing program can be enhanced through acquisition or licensing of patents developed by other companies.  A patent portfolio can be adjusted and aligned to a company’s current businesses or business strategies by selling patents from the portfolio.  This adjustment can save cost to maintain patents that a company may not view as being core to their on-going business or strategy.  However, caution must be taken to avoid creating unnecessary risks or litigation through these transactions.
We offer due diligence services to evaluate another company’s patents or patent portfolio.  We also offer portfolio management services that map a client’s patent portfolio to their business and strategies, identify strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations for organically developing intellectual property, acquiring intellectual property, and possibly pruning an existing portfolio.